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Read More About Acworth Roads

The Department of Transportation keeps statistics about the roads in each Georgia city, including Acworth, which is in Cobb County. According to the DOT, Acworth has 60.26 miles of paved roads, and another .12 miles of paved roadways. The city of Acworth maintains 35.64 of the miles of roads, which is more than half of the total road mileage. The state of Georgia maintains 6.06 miles of state routes that cross through the Acworth. Cobb County maintains an additional 18.56 miles of paved county roads that are within the city limits, and a very small .12 miles of unpaved roads.

The Georgia DOT calculates not just the total miles of roads, but also the total miles when the length of each lane is counted separately. The Acworth city roads and the Cobb County roads in Acworth both average roughly 2 lanes across, which means that the roads tend to have two lanes headed in opposite directions. The state routes that head through Acworth are wider, averaging 3.12 lanes for each mile of road. Thus, while the State of Georgia maintains only 6.06 miles of roads within Acworth, it tends to a total of 18.94 “lane miles” of roads running through the city. By contrast, the city of Acworth controls 35.64 miles of streets, which translate into just 71.04 lane miles.

Georgia state routes comprise only 10% of the roads within the Acworth city limits, but they see a great deal of the traffic in the city. 47.5% of all the traffic in Acworth is on the larger, state roads. The Georgia DOT tracks the amount of traffic by measuring the “Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled” on each road. Each mile driven by any car on that road counts as one vehicle mile. Out of the total 285,320.12 vehicle miles driven on Acworth roads each day, 135,517.48 of those vehicle miles are driven on the Georgia state routes. Cobb County maintains 32% of the roads within Acworth, and gets a roughly commensurate amount of the traffic: 91,307.32 vehicle miles, or 30.9% of the total vehicle miles driven on Acworth roads each day. Acworth city roads carry the least traffic. Acworth drivers put 58,495.32 miles on Acworth’s city-maintained roads each day. Although the city maintains 59% of the city roads, those roads bear only 20.5% of all the traffic.

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