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Welcome to our free firm library. This library is packed with useful information from the many papers Lee Wallace has presented at CLE (“continuing legal education”) seminars. You can download these articles for free.

Lee Wallace is a personal injury, car accident and whistleblower attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. She has authored numerous articles on legal issues related to cases involving personal injury, product liability,whistleblower, qui tam and False Claims Act claims, bacterial contamination, and women lawyers. The articles cover legal issues such as Daubert, expert witness testimony, product liability, design defects, intervening causes, ethics for lawyers, other similar incidents, evidence and evidentiary rules, mentoring, women lawyers, marketing for women lawyers, and changes in the legal profession.

We do ask that you honor the copyright, and not disseminate these papers or any parts of them.

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  • Bacterial Contaminations
  • Car Wrecks and Car Accidents
  • Daubert issues
  • Ethics for Lawyers
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • False Claims Act cases
  • Georgia law
  • Intervening Causes
  • Leadership
  • Legal Profession
  • Marketing for Women Lawyers
  • Mentoring
  • Offers of Settlement
  • Other Similar Incidents
  • Product Design Defects
  • Product Liability Cases
  • Professionalism for Lawyers
  • Qui Tam Suits
  • Settlement
  • Similar Incidents
  • Spoliation of Evidence
  • Working mothers
  • Truck Wrecks and Truck Accidents
  • Women Lawyers
  • Women Lawyers – History


When the Whistle Blows
The Basics of Whistleblower/Qui Tam/ False Claims Act Suits
Just what is qui tam suit, anyway? And who can be a
whistleblower? Find out about the False Claims Act and other whistleblower statutes.

Daubert in Product Liability
Expert Witness Testimony in Product Liability Cases
When you have a product liability suit, usually an expert has to explain to the jury how the product is defective. Learn more about how manufacturers try to keep the testimony out of evidence – and how you can keep it in.

Right Under Your Nose
How to Tell if a Product Liability Suit is Buried Within Your Road Wreck Case Files
One of Lee’s most popular articles with lawyers, this article explains how you can look at a car accident case and tell whether you should be looking at more than the insurance issues.

How to Recognize and Develop a Product Liability Case
Legal and Factual Criteria for a Product Liability Lawsuit
Many lawyers handle cases in other areas and are unfamiliar with product liability cases. This article gives an informative overview of how you can figure out whether you have a product liability case in your case files.

Bad Bug Law
Bacterial Contamination Cases
Each year bacteria sicken millions of Americans. This article gives an overview of bacterial contamination lawsuits.

Spoliation of Evidence
Dealing with Missing Evidence
What should you do when one party has destroyed important evidence?

Ethical Considerations
To Whom Does the Lawyer Owe His Duty?
Over the last 100 years, the legal community has drastically changed its view of the role of lawyers. Find out how.

Current Trends in the Post-Banks Era
An Update on Design Defect Law in Georgia
Georgia product liability cases have been dramatically affected by a case called Banks. Find out how.

Intervening Causes
Developments in the Evidentiary Rules Applicable to Product Liability Claims
Defendants often argue that something other than the product really caused the plaintiff’s injuries. Find out about the law of intervening causes.

Other Similar Incidents
Developments in the Evidentiary Rules Applicable to Product Liability Claims
Has the product that hurt you hurt other people as well? Read more about the law governing getting the other incidents into evidence.

Taking Charge of Your Career
Becoming a Leader in Your Organization and Community
Want to be a leader? Read more about how you can make it happen.

Mentoring for Women Lawyers
The Impossible Dream?
Why can’t women get good mentors? Read about the problems, and the solutions.

Offers of Settlement
Under New O.C.G.A. § 9-11-68
What if the plaintiff loses the case? Will the plaintiff have to pay the defendant’s attorneys’ fees? Read more about the Georgia statute.

April 2008
Why Partnership is Killing the Legal Profession
President’s Column, GAWL Newsletter
Think the legal profession has gone a little nuts? Read an analysis of how the system of partnership has eroded the traditional camaraderie among lawyers.

February 2008
The Pink Ghetto
President’s Column, GAWL Newsletter
More women are lawyers than ever in U.S. history – is that good for women lawyers, or bad?

January 2008
A Call to Sanity
President’s Column, GAWL Newsletter
Are ethics and professionalism in law suffering? Read more.

October 2007
The Right to Practice Law
President’s Column, GAWL Newsletter
Read about the heroes who earned the right for women to practice law in Georgia.

September 2007
Super Mom, Super Lawyer
President’s Column, GAWL Newsletter Is it too hard to be a mom and a lawyer? Read more.

July 2007
Whatever Happened to Women in the Law
President’s Column, GAWL Newsletter
The future looked so bright for women lawyers. What went wrong?

June 2007
So Why Can’t I Market: How Women Lawyers Can Win the Marketing Game
President’s Column, GAWL Newsletter
A lawyer with no cases is – well, trapped and bored. How can women lawyers solve the problem of marketing?

These articles have been used in legal education seminars or in legal publications over the span of many years. The articles have not been updated or revised to reflect changes in the law. The contents should not be considered or relied upon as legal, financial or other professional advice in any way whatsoever.

We hope these articles are helpful to you. Please contact us to let us know if any of these articles have been useful to you, or if you have any constructive criticism of the contents. We look forward to hearing from you!


Lee’s peers have named her a Georgia SuperLawyer every year for two decades.