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Preparing for Mediation

Want to make your next mediation a rousing success? You can greatly increase your chances if you prepare the right way. Mediator Lee Wallace talks about what to do. Simply follow the links below.

Schedule time with your agreed upon mediator and the other side.
Schedule Mediation with Lee

Before mediation, give your client a sense of what to expect. Here’s how to cover the big topics with your client — the details, the “why,” and the money.

Preparing Your Client

From talking to a stubborn opponent to getting your client to rethink, your mediator can be an invaluable asset during the mediation. The more your mediator knows about your case, the more effective she will be helping you settle. Here’s what your mediator needs to know, and why.

Preparing Your Mediator

You’ve heard about mediation briefs. But with your busy schedule, how could you possibly find the time to write one? And what goes in a mediation brief, anyway? Here’s how to hit the “easy button” when you prepare the mediator.

Preparing a Mediation Brief

From outrageous opponents to clients who won’t listen, settling a case is never easy. Read more about how to handle the roadblocks at mediation, and use our handy checklist to be sure you bring all the right things with you.

Preparing Yourself

Should you make an opening statement? Read our guide to help you figure out whether you should make an opening statement, and what to say — or not say — when you do.

Preparing an Opening Statement

Surprise! You CAN prepare the other side for mediation, and it may be the single, most important ingredient in a successful mediation. Read more.

Preparing the Other Side


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