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Lee Wallace Offers A Better Way to Mediate

Honors Graduate of Harvard Law School
First in her class at Vanderbilt

Past President of the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers.

Voted SuperLawyer® every year

31 Years Experience, Cases in 20 states

Trained by the “Father” of Mediation” at Harvard

A Guide to Preparing for Mediation

Get Better Results at Your Next Mediation

Lee’s peers have named her a Georgia SuperLawyer every year for two decades.


What to Expect at Mediation

A Free Booklet to Give Your Clients

    This booklet, “What to Expect at Mediation,” covers the following topics and is designed to answer questions the client might have:

    • We the Juries: A True Story: What 24 High School Students Taught Me About Mediation
    • The Medi-Eight: EIGHT Reasons Why You Should Mediate Your Case
    • What to Expect at Mediation: A mediator explains what happens on mediation day
    • About Lee Wallace
    • FAQs About Mediation

    Atlanta Whistleblower Attorney

    Award-Winning Lawyer for Whistleblower, Qui Tam & Personal Injury Cases

    For more than 25 years, The Wallace Law Firm, LLC has successfully protected clients’ rights in a diverse range of legal matters, securing legal victories in courtrooms across twenty different states. From our Atlanta, Georgia office, we are ready to help you if you need to blow the whistle on a company that has defrauded the government, or if you need to assert your right to financial recovery after suffering injuries due to another’s negligence.

    Our Atlanta whistleblower attorney can help you put a stop to fraud in the workplace while protecting your interests. Under various whistleblower laws, you could have job protection or even be entitled to compensation. We are here to guard your every legal right and see justice done.

    If you have been in an accident, suffered from medical malpractice, or need to act against nursing home abuse, our personal injury lawyer offers the high-quality representation that you deserve. You don’t have to face this time alone. We can help you hold the liable parties responsible, and recover financial damages to make up for medical costs, income losses, and more.

    Get decades of experience on your side today! Call (404) 550-4615 or request a free consultation online.

    10 Ways You Can Bolster Your Case

    Learn What You Need to Know in Our Free Book

    When your rights and your future could all be on the line, you can’t afford a misstep. Get invaluable tips from our personal injury and whistleblower attorney in Atlanta. You can read Ms. Wallace’s book here free of charge.

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      Should You Write a Mediation Brief?

      Should You Write a Mediation Brief?

      Should you bother to write a mediation brief before your next mediation? Here’s how a mediation brief can help you. What is a Mediation Brief? A Mediation Brief is a summary of the facts and most important points of your case that you submit to your mediator before...

      Mediation Tips: What to Do About … That Big, Gaping Hole In Your Case

      Mediation Tips: What to Do About … That Big, Gaping Hole In Your Case

      Every case has warts.  But just how open should you be about the problems when you get to mediation? Ultimately your answer to that question is going to depend on two things: how likely it is that the other side knows about the problem, and how confident you are that...

      How PowerPoint Can Ruin Your Mediation — But Doesn’t Have To

      How PowerPoint Can Ruin Your Mediation — But Doesn’t Have To

      Last week I wrote about the fact that attorneys are often reluctant to make a PowerPoint presentation at mediation, for fear that they will give away too much information.  At the same time, as a mediator, I have personally witnessed the power that a presentation can...

      Should You Use a PowerPoint at Mediation?

      Should You Use a PowerPoint at Mediation?

      When I speak at seminars, I often get the question: “Should I use a PowerPoint presentation at mediation?”  Lawyers who have no trouble whipping out photographs or circling key parts of medical records to show the other side, balk when it comes to using a...

      Should You Apologize at Mediation? Ask These Six Questions.

      Should You Apologize at Mediation? Ask These Six Questions.

      In last week’s blog I talked about the fact that an apology can have a powerful effect at mediation (or in life). A sincere, heartfelt apology may help the parties settle a case that could not otherwise have been resolved at all, may save the considerable expense of...

      The Million-Dollar Apology: Saying “Sorry” at Mediation

      The Million-Dollar Apology: Saying “Sorry” at Mediation

      Apologizing is all the rage these days. Stars apologize. Musicians apologize. Even companies apologize. Anybody and everybody seems to be on the “I’m sorry” bandwagon. Mediation is one of the places where apologies are supposed to take place. Since the mediation is...

      9 Things to Do When Negotiations Get Stuck

      9 Things to Do When Negotiations Get Stuck

      When Sam walked into the mediation conference room, his client Ellen was already there, tapping her fingers nervously on the table. You couldn’t always pick your clients, Sam thought, but Ellen was someone he would represent any day of the week. Normally friendly and...