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When someone commits fraud against the Government we all get hurt. If you know someone who has defrauded the government, Medicare or Medicaid, contact a whistleblower attorney at The Wallace Law Firm, L.L.C. By being a whistleblower, you can help taxpayers across America.

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Understanding Whistleblower Law

When you see someone cheat the Government, Medicare or Medicaid, you may want to be a whistleblower. But you may also be worried about losing your job.

If you report Medicaid Fraud, Medicare Fraud, or other fraud against the Government, you may be entitled to get 15-30% of what the Government recovers. You also are owed damages if your employer retaliates against you.

A note from Lee:

My client worked for a defense contractor in Iraq. When he found out they were overbilling the government, he just wanted them to pay the money back. When they wouldn’t, he became a whistleblower and filed a False Claims Act case. He got $4,000,000 back for the U.S. taxpayers, and the U.S. paid him $720,000 of that. Read the press release here.


Fraudsters are endlessly creative in the ways they think of to cheat the Government.

Some examples of the ways that people cheat our Government include:

  • Hospitals and doctors may overcharge Medicare or Medicaid
  • Hospitals and doctors may “upcode”, pretending they gave more complex services than they really gave
  • Hospitals and doctors and durable medical equipment (DME) providers may bill Medicare for products or services they never provided
  • Pharmaceutical companies may pitch a drug for uses the FDA never approved
  • Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals may pay money and grant favors to doctors for referring patients
  • Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals may pay money and grant favors to doctors for prescribing particular drugs
  • Defense contractors may overbill the government
  • Pharmaceutical or drug companies may overcharge Medicare or Medicaid, or breach their agreement to provide Medicare and Medicaid with prices as cheap as the companies provide to other buyers
  • High net-worth individuals and companies may cheat on their taxes

If you have discovered that someone has padded time sheets, siphoned off assets, or faked invoices, you may desperately want to do the right thing. At the same time, you may worry that if you report your employer, you may lose your job, even be blackballed in your industry.

You may have rights under the Whistleblower statute, also called the False Claims Act. The law may allow you to collect damages if you are fired or lose your job because you were trying to report somebody for fraud against the Government.

Laws That Protect Whistleblowers If They Report Fraud Against the Government

Read more about laws that protect whistleblowers who report fraud against the Government, or publicly-traded companies.

You can make a difference for all of us who are taxpayers. When you know about fraud, report what you know. You will sleep at night, and the country will be better off.

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