Personal Injury Law

If you have a serious personal injury, you need a good lawyer. But you are savvy enough to know you should not hire a lawyer from a TV ad or from the back of the phonebook.

Ask yourself, what do other lawyers think about this lawyer? In 2009, Lee Wallace’s peers voted her as one of the Top 100 Georgia Lawyers, and they have voted her a Georgia SuperLawyer every year since the poll began.

How do you know if the lawyer has the experience and the skills to handle your kind of case? Lee Wallace has experience handling cases in approximately 20 states, for 25 years. Lee Wallace was ranked #1 in her class at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and she went to Harvard Law School, graduating cum laude.

At the Wallace Law Firm, we handle different types of personal injury lawsuits. For example, we take cases involving car and truck accidents, nursing home neglect, medical malpractice, defective products, bacterial infection cases, and misfilled prescriptions. Contact us now to see whether we can help you.

You can read more about each of the types of personal injury cases that The Wallace Law Firm, LLC handles.


At the Wallace Law Firm, we help people who have been injured in car and truck accidents throughout Georgia. Here in Atlanta, Georgia, one of our traffic reporters calls a car wreck an “insurance seminar.” He is not kidding: navigating the insurance after a wreck can be tougher than making it through a bad rush hour on 285. When you have serious injuries and big bills, the last thing you want to do is leave some insurance money on the table.


Lee Wallace has represented clients in product liability cases in numerous states all over the country. Every year hundreds of products – from automobiles to ground beef – are recalled because they are defective and may hurt people. If you have been hurt by a product that did not work right, click here to find out whether it has been recalled, and find out whether you have a product liability case.


We represent people who have been sickened by bacteria that were allowed to grow and fester unchecked in hot tubs, swimming pools, air conditioners, and food. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, bacteria can contaminate anything from food to swimming pools and hot tubs to air conditioners. If you have been sickened by bacteria, click here to find out more.


We represent people who have entrusted nursing homes with their parents and grandparents because their loved ones needed full-time care. But instead of getting better care, the moms and dads, grandmothers and granddads got worse care. The nursing home made things worse, not better. Find out more about these types of cases.


At the Wallace Law Firm, L.L.C., we represent people who were given the wrong prescription at a pharmacy. The bottle may have been labeled with our client’s name and the type of drug our clients was supposed to take, but inside was something entirely different. If you became ill because the pharmacy gave you the wrong prescription, click here to learn more.


If you have been seriously hurt because a hospital or doctor committed malpractice, you may have the right to recover for your medical bills, injuries, and pain and suffering. If you think you have been the victim of malpractice, click here.