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Preparing Yourself for Mediation

Law students get virtually no training in negotiation and mediation, so it comes as a surprise when lawyers discover that the majority of their cases get resolved by settlement, usually at mediation. Mediator Lee Wallace talks turkey about what to do when you’re getting ready for the mediation that will make — or break — your case.

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7 Things Lawyers Should Bring to Mediation
Use this easy checklist to make sure you have packed all the essential things you may need to make your mediation successful.

How to Mediate When You Hate the Other Side – Part 1
Sometimes litigation becomes very bitter, with hard feelings on all sides. How do you mediate when the litigation has gone sour and the lawyers and/or the clients are at loggerheads?

How to Mediate When You Hate the Other Side – Part 2
When litigation turns bitter and contentious, it can seem nearly impossible to settle. Here’s what to do to keep the other side’s boorish behavior from getting in the way of a reasonable settlement that could benefit your client. The second of a two-part series, this article includes tips for getting your mediator involved in decreasing the animosity as the parties talk settlement.

How to Mediate When the Other Side Hates Your Client: 3 Things to Do Before Mediation Gets Started
If the other side has strong, negative feelings about your client, those feelings can get in the way of settlement. Here’s how to help everyone put the personal animosity aside in order to rationally and logically evaluate the option of settlement.

7 Worst Mistakes Attorneys Make at Mediation
Here are seven classic mistakes attorneys make at mediation. The good news? You don’t have to make any of them!

5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Success at Mediation
With a few, simple techniques, you can greatly increase the chances that your client will reach a satisfactory settlement at mediation. Read about two lawyers who followed these techniques and got a great result for their clients.

Do This One Simple Thing to Improve the Outcome at Your Next Negotiation
According to a study out of the business schools at Harvard, Berkeley and the University of Chicago, this one, small thing could make a real and significant difference in your next mediation. It’s so easy, you might as well try it!


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