Charging for More Than What Was Provided

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Do you know of somebody who is providing the Government with goods or services – but is billing for more goods and services than it is actually providing? Take action and report the fraud today. As a whistleblower under the False Claims Act, you are eligible to get 15% to 30% of all the money that the U.S. Government gets back.

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Examples of Companies Overcharging the Government

Just about any type of company that contracts with the Government might try to get away with charging the Government full price – but providing fewer goods and services than it agreed to provide. For example, a food contractor might short every shipment by one or two boxes of food supplies. An office equipment supplier might claim it provided more desks than actually showed up at the delivery warehouse. A defense contractor might insist that it repaired ten helicopters – when in fact it only repaired six. This is fraud and it can be stopped with your help. Below are real examples of such fraud.

Eckerd Pharmacies:

  • In 2002, Eckerd Corp. agreed to pay $9,000,000 to settle claims that it was shorting prescriptions, but charging Medicare and Medicaid as if it had provided a full prescription. The suit was brought by whistleblower (also known as “relator”) Louis H. Mueller under the federal False Claims Act as well as a similar Florida statute.
  • Mueller was an Eckerd pharmacist in Palm Harbor, Florida. Mueller alerted the U.S. and Florida governments to the fact that Eckerd was billing them for a full prescription even when it was low on stock and only could provide a partial fill for the drug. Eckerd gave the patient what it did have available in stock, but immediately billed Medicaid and Medicare as if it had provided the full amount of the prescribed drug. Even when patients did not come back to get the remainder of their prescriptions, Eckerd pocketed the payment for the full prescription.
  • The federal government and the State of Florida intervened in the case, and ultimately settled the claims with Eckerd. The U.S. received $5,866,751.70 of the payments. From just the federal portion of the settlement, whistleblower Mueller received $880,012.76.

Walgreen’s: Pharmacy:

  • Mueller received $678,584 in a similar qui tam suit he filed against Walgreen Company. He alleged that Walgreen’s also was shorting Medicaid by charging as if it had filled a full prescription, when in fact it did not have enough supply of the drug on hand to completely fill the prescription.

Do you know about fraud against the Government? Act now. Only the first to file a qui tam lawsuit can recover a percentage of what the Government gets.

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