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Adel is located midway between Tifton and Valdosta, in Cook County in south Georgia. According to the 2010 census, Adel has a population of 5344.

A total of 74.43 miles of roads and streets run within the city limits of Adel. Most of those 74.43 miles, a total of 66.01 miles, are paved. The majority (44.95 miles) of the paved roads are maintained by the city itself. The State of Georgia maintains another 11.94 paved miles of state routes that run through Adel, and Cook County has put in 9.12 miles of the paved roads within Adel city limits. Adel also has 8.42 miles of unpaved roads, and again, the vast majority (7.47 miles) consists of city-maintained streets. Cook County maintains .95 miles of unpaved roads. The State of Georgia does not maintain any unpaved roads in Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Transportation also measures the “lane mileage” within a city by measuring the miles covered by each separate lane. The measurement allows the state to differentiate between smaller, two-lane roads, and larger, multi-lane roads. In Adel, the majority of roads are two-lane roads. The Adel city streets average 1.99 lanes. The Cook County roads average exactly two lanes, meaning that those roads are two-lane roads, with one lane headed in each direction. The Georgia state routes have a slightly higher average of 2.7 lanes.

Each day drivers travel 260,935,49 miles along the roadways in Adel. Throughout the state, the routes maintained by Georgia carry more traffic than the more local county and city roads do, and Adel fits the general pattern. Georgia has just 16% of the roads in Adel, but each day 75.8% of all miles traveled within the city are traveled on the state routes. Of the 260,935.49 vehicle miles traveled on roads within Adel each day, 197,722.10 of those miles are traveled along the state routes that run through the city. The GA DOT calls this measurement the “Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled” or “Daily VMT”, and the figure aggregates the total amount of miles driven by all the vehicles traveling along a stretch of road on any given day. The county roads account for 13.5% of all the road miles, but just 5% of all the Daily VMT. Adel drivers put a relatively small 50,164.62 miles on the city’s streets each day, meaning that even though Adel maintains 70.4% of the miles of roads within the city limits, those roads get only 19.2% of the traffic.

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