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Albany, Georgia – Car Wrecks

Each year dozens of people are seriously injured in car accidents in Albany Georgia, and roughly a half dozen people die in those car wrecks. If you have serious injuries from a car crash in Albany, or if you lost a loved one in an Albany car collision, email The Wallace Law Firm today or call us at 404-814-0465.

For more than 20 years, Lee Wallace has been representing people just like you – people with serious injuries from car wrecks or who must file wrongful death lawsuits because they lost a loved one in a car collision. Lee graduated first in her class from Vanderbilt University. She went to Harvard Law School to learn how to represent you. In every year that lawyers have been asked to elect SuperLawyers, Lee’s peers have named her one of Georgia’s SuperLawyers.

Dozens of people are injured and between half a dozen and one dozen people are killed every year in car accidents in Albany. While the car accidents occur all over the city, it seems that a disproportionate number of fatal car accidents occur on Liberty Expressway, also known as Highway 82 and State Route 520. If you need help with an Albany car accident case, contact us today.

The city of Albany is a large city located in south Georgia. Albany has a population of 77,434, according to the 2010 Census. Albany has two acute care hospitals: Palmyra Medical Centers and Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. Two critical access and one acute care hospital are located near Albany: Phoebe Worth Medical Center is 19 miles away in Sylvester, Georgia; Mitchell County Hospital is 24 miles away in Camilla, Georgia; and Phoebe Sumter Medical Center is located 34 miles outside Albany, in Americus, Georgia.

Most of Albany sits in Dougherty County, but some parts of the city stretch into Lee County. On the Dougherty County side, Albany has 465.67 miles of roads running through the city. Just .48 miles of paved roadway run through the Albany city limits where Albany crosses over into Lee County. The .48 miles of road all are maintained by Lee County. The Georgia DOT measures not only the total miles of roads in a city, but also the “lane mileage.” The “lane mileage” measures the miles for each lane separately, whereas the “road mileage” looks at the number of miles traversed by the entire road with all the lanes lumped together. The Lee County road is exactly two lanes wide. The roads on the Dougherty County side of Albany are wider, averaging something above two lanes each. The Georgia state routes that run through Albany are very large, averaging nearly four lanes per mile of road. Dougherty County’s roads average 2.6 lanes wide within the city limits of Albany.

Each day Albany drivers put 753.12 miles on the small stretch of Lee County roadway. That number is eclipsed by the number of miles that drivers travel daily on the roads that cross the Dougherty County side of Albany; in Dougherty County, Albany drivers put 1,899,301.38 miles on the roads every day.

The median commute to work in Albany is between 15 and 20 minutes.

You need a lawyer you can trust with your Albany car accident lawsuit. Contact us by email today or call 404-814-0465.


Lee’s peers have named her a Georgia SuperLawyer every year for two decades.