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Alpharetta, Georgia – Road Statistics

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Alpharetta is a vibrant, growing town in Fulton County. But it has very busy roads, and all too often someone is seriously hurt or killed in a car wreck in Alpharetta.

Alpharetta has 149.56 miles of roads that run through the city. Of that amount, almost all – 142.16 miles, to be precise – are paved. Unlike most cities in Georgia, Alpharetta maintains less than half of the roads and streets within its city limits. The city has 63.06 miles of paved streets, and another 1.53 miles of unpaved streets. The county maintains nearly half of the roads in the city limits: 52.13 miles of paved roads, with another 5.87 miles of unpaved county roads. The state of Georgia has 26.97 miles of paved state roadway running through the Alpharetta city limits, and does not have any unpaved miles within the city limits.

Because some roads have many more lanes than others, arguably those roads should be counted as having more miles than roads that have just two lanes, one running in each direction of travel. The Georgia Department of Transportation calculates the mileage both ways, by “road mileage”, which lumps all the lanes together, and also by “lane mileage”, which calculates the mileage measuring each lane as if it were a separate road. Alpharetta’s city streets average 2.4 lanes, while the Fulton County roads average just barely over 2 lanes in width. The Georgia state routes are much larger, averaging 3.3 lanes.

Alpharetta’s streets bear a great deal of traffic. Each day Alpharetta drivers put 1,475,943.51 miles on the relatively tiny 150 miles of streets and roads that run through the city. Although the State of Georgia maintains only a small portion of those road miles, the vast majority of the miles that are driven every day — 1,005,507.48 of them – are driven on those state routes that run through Alpharetta. Thus, although the State of Georgia has built and maintains only 18% of the roads running through Alpharetta’s city limits, those roads host 68.1% of the “Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled” within the city. (The Georgia DOT calculates the Daily VMT by adding together all the miles covered by all of the drivers traveling on a given road on a given day.) 38.8% of the roads within Alpharetta’s city limits are Fulton County roads, but these roads transport a relatively small 19.2% of the Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled. The difference between road miles and daily vehicle miles is even starker for the city streets within Alpharetta. Alpharetta itself maintains 43.2% of the streets in its city limits, but these streets bear only 12.6% of the total vehicle miles traveled each day.

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