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Americus, Georgia – Road Statistics

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Americus is located in Sumter County, Georgia. It has 110.20 miles of paved roads, the majority of which are city streets. In all, the city of Americus maintains 87.2 miles of roadways within the city limits. The remainder of the paved roads are divided roughly equally between Georgia state routes (11.57 miles) and Sumter County roads (11.43) miles. Americus has very few unpaved roads. Of Americus city’s own streets, only .33 miles are unpaved, and only .03 miles of the Sumter County roads are not paved. All of the state routes that run through Americus are paved. In all, 110.56 miles of roads are located within the Americus city limits.

Most of these roads are two-lane roads, because the total number of “lane miles” (i.e., the measure of the number of miles counting the miles covered by each lane separately) is approximately double the total number of “road miles” (which measures the miles for the road as a whole, regardless of how many lanes it has). The Americus city streets average just a shade over 2 lanes each, coming in at 2.007 lanes. The county roads average precisely two lanes. The state routes tend to be wider, and have an average of 2.75 lanes.

Each day, drivers travel 296,518.30 miles on the roads located in the city of Americus. Even though the state maintains only 10.5% of the roads in the city limits of Americus, 50.9% of all miles traveled within the city limits are traveled on the State of Georgia roadways. Sumter county maintains a roughly equivalent percentage of the total roads – 10.4%, and the county’s roads carry a roughly equivalent percentage of the traffic on Americus’ roads: 10.6% of what the Georgia Department of Transportation (the Georgia “DOT”) calls the “Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled” or “Daily VMT.” The measurement counts the number of miles that have been traveled on a road on a given day, aggregating all of the miles driven on that road by every vehicle that was on the road at some point during the day. Americus maintained the bulk of the roads within the city limits – 79.2% of them, in fact, but those roads carry only 38.4% of the traffic on the city’s roads on a given day. Americus drivers put 150,997.12 miles on the Georgia state routes on a daily basis. Each day they travel 31,545.41 vehicle miles on the Sumter County roads that are in Americus, and tack on another 113,975.77 miles that are driven on the city’s own streets.

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