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Atlanta, Georgia – Car Accidents in Fulton County

You are reading this page because you have serious personal injuries or someone you love was killed in an Atlanta car accident. How do you know what lawyer to hire?

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Each year people are seriously injured or killed in car accidents on Atlanta’s busy roads. Part of the City of Atlanta sits in DeKalb County, but the biggest part of the city lies within Fulton County. Injuries and deaths occur on both sides of the city, but since Atlanta is mostly in Fulton County, the majority of the serious wrecks occur in that portion of Atlanta.

The city of Atlanta has 1407 miles of roads that run on its Fulton County side. 142.04 of those roads are state routes. Fulton County maintains another 71.12 miles of paved roads within Atlanta, and the city of Atlanta has control over the remaining 1214.54 miles of city streets. All of the state roads that run through Atlanta are paved. Of the roads maintained by Fulton County, 1.64 miles of them are unpaved. Of the roads tended by the City of Atlanta, 17.9 miles are unpaved but public streets.

The Georgia Department of Transportation tracks the highway mileage in two different ways. It tracks the total number of “road miles”, but it also looks at the “lane miles.” When it measures the lane miles, the Georgia DOT measures the miles covered by each lane separately, in order to determine how wide the roads are. Atlanta’s city streets in Fulton County average a bit over two lanes each, coming in at 2.17 lanes. Almost all of the Fulton County roads have exactly one lane in each direction, as the lane mileage is 2.09 miles, just slightly more than double the road miles. In most of the state, the Georgia State Roads are fairly narrow, too, but in Atlanta, they average a whopping 5.85 lanes across.

These huge roads see a lot of traffic – and more than their share of tragedy.

If you have serious personal injuries from an Atlanta Car Accident, you need to hire the right lawyer to help you. If someone you love was killed in an auto accident on Atlanta’s roads, you need to hire the best lawyer to help you with your wrongful death case. Contact us today to get the legal help your family and you deserve.


Lee’s peers have named her a Georgia SuperLawyer every year for two decades.