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Atlanta, Georgia – Car Wreck Deaths

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In 2009, Atlanta had 45 fatal accidents. Forty-seven people were killed in those 45 accidents, because in two horrific accidents, not just one but two people were killed. A total 69 cars were involved in the car wrecks, meaning that a number of the crashes were single-car accidents, and 115 people were involved as drivers, passengers or pedestrians. Twelve of the deaths were from accidents caused by drunken drivers.

Even more people were killed in 2008 car wrecks in Atlanta. A total of 59 people died in 54 accidents within Atlanta. The fatal car crashes involved 138 people: 85 drivers, 21 pedestrians, and 32 passengers. Eight of the wrecks were in crashes involved drivers who were DUI. Large though the number was, it was smaller than the year before, an especially surprising fact given that more people were killed in 2008 and a larger number of fatal car wrecks occurred. Thirteen pedestrians were killed in the 2008 car wrecks.

Very surprisingly, Atlanta generally has a smaller ratio of deaths in car accidents than the rest of Georgia. While that statistic may seem odd, Atlanta is known for its traffic – and ironically, traffic has a silver lining. When cars move slower because of heavy road traffic, more wrecks occur, but fewer of them are fatal. When it comes to fatal car wrecks involving DUI drivers, however, Atlanta has generally led the rest of the State – “led” being a questionable description, of course.

Although the statistics related to pedestrians killed in fatal accidents are inconsistent, as an overall matter, per 100,000 population, more pedestrians have been involved in deaths from car wrecks in Atlanta than in the rest of the State of Georgia.

Your wrongful death Atlanta car crash lawsuit matters too much to your family to risk hiring a lawyer who hocks his wares on TV. The very terrible injuries you have incurred affect your life too much to assume a lawyer who says he is good – is. Contact us at The Wallace Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation about your case.


Lee’s peers have named her a Georgia SuperLawyer every year for two decades.