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Atlanta, Georgia – Car Wrecks in DeKalb County

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Anybody who has driven much in Atlanta will agree that the traffic can be quite heavy. Given how many cars are on the roads in Atlanta, we have more accidents, with serious personal injuries and wrongful deaths as a result, than anywhere else in the state.

In fact, Atlanta has fewer than 2000 miles of roads, but they bear a tremendous amount of traffic each day.

Atlanta straddles Fulton and DeKalb counties. In DeKalb County, Atlanta has 298.17 miles of roads. All but 1.61 miles of that amount are paved. Unlike in most cities in the state, the State of Georgia maintains more roads than the county and local city governments do. Georgia has 137.46 miles of roads on the DeKalb County side of Atlanta. DeKalb County adds another 70.44 miles of county roads, and the City of Atlanta maintains 88.66 additional miles of city streets. The state has no unpaved roads at all; DeKalb County maintains a small .68 miles of unpaved roads, and Atlanta another .93 miles of unpaved streets. In total, the state has control over 46.1% of the roads in Atlanta that are in DeKalb County, DeKalb County maintains 23.9% of the roads as county roads, and the City of Atlanta the final 30% of the total roads within the city limits.

As part of its recordkeeping, the Georgia Department of Transportation tracks the roads in each Georgia city in two different ways. First, it measures the total miles of roads within the city. Then the DOT makes a separate calculation of the “lane mileage”, in which it separately measures the miles in each lane and adds the numbers together. The Atlanta city streets tend to be two-lane roads that have one lane headed in each direction. The DeKalb County roads are not much wider, averaging 2.26 lanes across. The Georgia state routes are very wide, however, registering an average of 5.5 lanes across.

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