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Atlanta, Georgia – Road Statistics for DeKalb County

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Atlanta eclipses every other city in Georgia in terms of the number of “vehicle miles traveled” on its roads each day. The DOT counts the vehicle miles traveled by looking at the average number of miles traveled – by all the cars put together – on a road on a given day. Atlanta drivers put a whopping 11,289,798.36 miles every day on just the 137.46 miles of state roads that route through DeKalb County and are in the Atlanta city limits. Drivers put another 464,294.32 miles on the DeKalb County roads, and every day 238,922.53 miles are driven on the Atlanta city streets within DeKalb. As with almost every city in the state, the majority of traffic in a city is carried on the state routes that run through the city. In Atlanta’s case, 94.1% of the daily vehicle miles are traveled on state routes. Drivers put 3.9% of the Daily VMT on the county roads, and the city roads carry the remaining 2.0% of the vehicle miles.

Atlanta’s roads bear a staggering 14,601,443.79 vehicle miles each and every day. As is common for cities throughout the state of Georgia, most of the vehicle miles — 72.3% in the case of the city of Atlanta — are driven on the state roads, even though Georgia maintains only a small fraction of the roads within the city limits. In Atlanta’s case, the state has only 10.2% of the roads, but they see 10,550,091.57 vehicle miles day in and day out. The county roads are less traveled. Fulton County maintains 3.5% of the roadways, and those roads see just 1.5% of Atlanta’s daily traffic, or a total of 223,566.63 Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled (Daily VMT). The city of Atlanta covers 86.3% of the roads, and these roads bear a relatively small 26.2% of the total vehicle miles traveled within Atlanta each day. Still, they carry a whopping 3,827,785.59 miles of vehicle traffic every single day. The DOT calculates the “vehicle miles traveled” by adding together all the miles traveled by all the cars riding along a road on a given day.

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