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Atlanta, Georgia – Road Statistics for Fulton County

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Atlanta being the traffic capital of Georgia, no one would be surprised to learn that Atlanta has more accidents than any other city in Georgia.

In general, the larger (meaning broader, in terms of lanes) a road is, the greater the number of accidents and injuries and deaths that occur on that road. Highways are broader for a reason: they have more traffic, and of course that generates more traffic accidents. Additionally, the speed limit is higher on limited access highways, meaning that accidents occur at greater speeds on highways than on surface streets within a city.

Atlanta’s roads see more tragedy because they are huge. On the DeKalb County side of Atlanta, the state routes – which basically means the large highways – average 5.5 lanes across. The Fulton County state routes average even more lanes across – 5.8 lanes, in fact. Fulton County’s county roads are just 2.1 lanes on average, meaning they typically have just one lane in each direction. The city streets average just over two lanes across, at 2.17 lanes, which accounts for turn lanes at intersections and the rare three- or four-lane road.

Despite the fact that Fulton County has relatively few highway miles (143 highway miles versus 1214 miles of city streets), the traffic flows heavily on the highways. State routes, meaning highways and interstates amount to only 10.2% of the roads in the county – but carry 72.3% of the traffic. By contrast, the city streets amount to 86.3% of all the miles of roads in Atlanta on its Fulton County side, and yet only 26.2% of the city’s daily traffic travels on the city roads.

The heavy traffic flowing on the highway corridors through Atlanta make those roads particularly dangerous. Of the people who are seriously injured or killed on car accidents on Atlanta roads in Fulton County, the majority of them were injured or killed on the larger, state routes coursing through the city.

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