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Under the False Claim Act, medical and health care providers who defraud the government via Medicare, Medicaid, or another type of government program can be held liable for their misconduct. Healthcare spending is already at an all-time high, and fraud can push the costs for government programs like these even higher – at the taxpayer’s expense. If you are aware of a health care provider or a medical practice committing health care fraud, then it is important that you report it. Talk to our Atlanta health care fraud lawyer at The Wallace Law Firm, LLC to learn more about filing a claim.

Examples of health care fraud that you should report include:

  • Billing for services not provided
  • Accepting kickbacks, such as payments for referral of patients or services through government health care programs
  • Upcoding services, which includes submitting claims for more expensive and unnecessary procedures
  • Unbundling medical services, which includes billing each condition separately to increase reimbursements
  • Diagnosing and treating patients with conditions they do not have
  • Falsely certifying physicians or other providers who are not qualified to treat patients

There are many more examples of health care fraud. If you have any questions about misconduct that you have witnessed, do not hesitate to call The Wallace Law Firm, LLC. Our lead attorney, Lee Wallace, is a reputable attorney who has won millions of dollars for clients in whistleblowing claims. She was included in the list of Georgia’s Super Lawyers® and one of the Top 50 Women’s Super Lawyers®, polls that are voted for by other attorneys.

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The government wants private citizens like you to come forward and report claims of fraud. If you choose to file a claim on their behalf, you may be entitled to receive a percentage of the proceeds from the damages awarded by a court. You are doing a service to society and to taxpayers by stopping this fraud.

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