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Because I am a lawyer who helps people with Acworth car accident lawsuits,
I try to follow statistics about some of the very serious crashes in Acworth
and around the state. I really appreciate, because it compiles
a great deal of useful information about fatal car wrecks in Acworth and
in a number of the larger cities around Georgia.

According to the data about Acworth provided by, virtually every year one or more people tragically lose their lives on
the roads in Acworth. Several years appear to be missing, and even so
the data shows that 31 people were killed in Acworth car wrecks between
1975 and 2008.

Two people died in Acworth car crashes in the year 2008. One of the accidents
took place on Main Street on August 8, 2008 at 3:13 p.m. A second person
was killed on June 2, 2008 at the crossing of State Road 3 and Mars Hill
Road in Acworth. Two people died as the result of car wrecks in Acworth
in 2007. The wrecks occurred on Mitchell Hill Drive and Henry Court.

Sometimes the information shows where the wreck occurred, and sometimes
it does not. Clearly, though, more people are killed in car accidents
on Cobb Parkway/U.S. 41/SR 3 than on any other single road in Acworth:
nine people have lost their lives on the stretch of Cobb Parkway that
runs through Acworth.

In 2006, one pedestrian was killed during a car crash inside the City of
Acworth. The information given does not say just where the wreck occurred.
In 2005, two people lost their lives in fatal car accidents within the
Acworth city limits. One of the accidents occurred on County Road 30,
and another at the intersection of State Road 92 and Maryland Dr. does not report any deaths from car crashes in Acworth in
the year 2004.

Two people were killed in road wrecks during the year 2003. Both of these
wrecks happened on U.S. 41/State Road 3. Another person died in 2002 because
of a car accident. The accident happened on State Road 92.

In 1999, two people were killed in one Acworth auto wreck. 1998 saw another
two people killed during a single, serious Acworth auto collision. In
1997, unfortunately three people lost their lives due to Acworth auto

During 1996, another person was killed in Acworth due to a car accident.
Acworth fared even worse in 1995, when two people died in car collisions. lists no fatal car wrecks at all for Acworth for the years
1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994. It may be that
no deaths are listed because not one fatal car crash occurred in Acworth
during that lengthy period, but it seems more likely that the data for
this period is simply missing.

The data picks up again with 1985, during which two people were killed
in Acworth as a result of car wrecks. According to, one
person was killed in a wreck involving two drunk drivers in 1984. Two
people died on Acworth streets in 1983 due to car crashes. 1981 saw two
more people killed, this time in a single crash that involved two cars.
For 1980, the data shows that one person died in an Acworth car accident.
For 1979, the statistics show that one person was killed due to an Acworth
car wreck.

The website does not list any fatal car crashes for 1978.

One person lost his or her life in 1977 as a result of an auto collision
inside the Acworth city limits. 1976 saw another person die in a fatal
car collision within Acworth. The last year for which data is given is
1975. In that year, one person was killed in an Acworth car wreck.


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